‘This has been our best year so far, and in terms of a company structure and size, we have changed beyond recognition.’

 We increased our executive expertise and now have a team of 5 highly experienced executives from marketing, market research, psychology and management consultancies backgrounds.

Several team members can moderate group discussions and one-to-one depths allowing us to expand our high quality offering to more clients. However, we still remain true to our core values of excellent customer service, value-for-money and innovation.

Client focus continues to be the mainstay of the company and Fiona still oversees all projects personally. She is the main client contact and has a major input in terms of design and reporting for all projects, retaining that personal touch and single senior point of all client communication.

Innovation has always been important in the company not only in terms of the methodologies and research solutions offered but also now also in terms of our working patterns. Instead of working a traditional 9-5.30 regime we work around the needs of your project. The results of this are two-fold – firstly the team is fresh and focused on the project when needed; and perhaps most importantly for you the client, the results can be delivered extremely promptly. (For example we completed many public realms projects last year with fieldwork finishing on Saturday at 5pm. Our new working ethos meant the results were available to the client by 10am on Monday morning.)

The vast majority of our clients return again and again but we have been delighted to develop relationships with many new clients in the past 12 months, including the some of the top names locally in the private sector such as Tayto and Peter Mark.

Over the past 12 months we have been commissioned for many interesting projects. For example on a social level, we have been heavily involved in the education sector conducting projects focusing on primary school children through to tertiary education. In addition, we have also been in involved in creating and testing a new concept for elderly care in the community in line with current government policy.

On a commercial level we have helped with advertising and branding strategies for several government and charitable organisations. We have tested and evaluated advertising campaigns for several service providers and manufacturers and recently we have also been helping FMCG clients evaluate a variety of promotional materials which will be available in major retailers soon.

Overall, it has been a busy and very, very interesting time both for the company as a whole and the executives personally.

Roll on year number 4 and the new challenges it brings!!