As a leading market research agency, we strive to stay on top of the latest trends in our industry. In this article, we explore the developments we are currently utilising and that are shaping the world of market research. Two of the key ones are the use of advanced technology to gather data more efficiently and a need to understand consumer behaviour in real-time.  So how are these trends transforming the way we provide valuable insights to our clients.

1. Harnessing the Power of Mobile Devices: Real-Time Insights at Your Fingertips!

In a world where mobile devices are ubiquitous, traditional research methods may no longer be enough. Mobile research enables us to gather real-time insights by leveraging smartphone technology. Through mobile surveys, in-app analytics, and location-based tracking, we gain a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour and preferences. This helps our clients make timely adjustments to their strategies.

Nearly all the research we conducted face to face several years ago has now moved to an online methodology. All our online surveys are mobile compatible meaning respondents can complete them at a time and location that suits them. This dramatically increases respondent rates, reduced fieldwork time and helps us research niche audiences. Focus groups and in-depth interviews are also mainly carried out online now which helps us reduce travel time (reducing costs and being more environmentally friendly) and reach a broader range of respondents.

2. Delighting Customers: The Power of Putting User Experience (UX) First!

FN Research, customer experience researchCustomer experience is a key buzz word these days and it can be differentiator in today’s competitive market. This type of research allows us to understand how consumers interact with products, services, or websites.

We conduct usability tests/ taste tests, in -depth interviews, and analyse user behaviour to help uncover pain points and areas for improvement. This helps us create seamless experiences that resonate with target audiences. Once again technology now allows us to ‘live alongside’ your customers through in home placements rather than central location testing and utilising  mobiles and social media platforms to access real time emotions and usage experiences.

3. Discovering What Really Makes Consumers Tick: The Secrets Behind Consumer Behaviour

Traditional economic theories no longer always explain why consumers make certain choices. Those motivations may have changed due to the pandemic and cost of living influences and that’s where behavioural economics comes in. By understanding the psychological and emotional factors that influence consumer decisions, we gain deeper insights into their preferences and motivations.

Armed with this knowledge and well designed questionnaires and topic lists, we help our clients design marketing strategies that resonate on a subconscious level. Once again in-depth interviews, online diaries and online focus groups have helped our clients understand this important area.


4. The Importance of Data Ethics Staying Ahead of the Curve: Protecting Your Privacy:

FN Research Privacy policyIn an era of data breaches and privacy concerns, maintaining ethical practices is crucial.

As a responsible market research agency and member of the Market Research Society, we strictly follow privacy and GDPR regulations, now we have to obtain informed consent from participants in advance of completing a survey or taking part in a focus group, and prioritise data security. We take this element of our operations very seriously and by ensuring trust and transparency, we build enduring relationships with our clients and participants.

5. Embracing Agile Research in a Dynamic World

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, agility is key.

Agile research methodologies allow us to quickly test hypotheses, gather feedback, and adapt our strategies accordingly. By embracing interactive processes and collaborating with clients and participants, we ensure our research remains relevant and actionable in an ever-changing marketplace.

6. Let’s Team Up! Building Stronger Connections through Online Communities and Co-creation

FN Research online researchWe believe in the power of collaboration and co-creation. Through online communities, we engage participants as active partners in the research process.

Either through our online panels or creating bespoke communities for a particular project we involve them in idea generation, concept validation and continuous feedback loops. That way we create a sense of ownership and build stronger relationships. This approach leads to more accurate insights and facilitates the development of products and services that truly meet customer needs and helps create strong customer centric strategies for our clients.


We understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest trends. From automation and AI to mobile research and social listening, these trends are reshaping the way we provide insights to our clients. The future of market research is exciting, and we are here to navigate these trends to provide exceptional value to our clients.