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FN Research can provide a full range of market research consultancy services including questionnaire design only, reporting only, moderation only and research training workshops.

We have a unique offering of a questionnaire design only service. So, if you wish to conduct your own fieldwork and reporting elements, we can still help by designing a professional unbiased questionnaire bespoke to your needs.

This can be used for face-to-face, telephone or on-line surveys or to load up to your own social media platforms.

This option is a cost effective method of ensuring you get the insight and information you require from the survey without incurring additional fieldwork costs if they aren’t required

Many clients already conduct their own surveys but still require support to ensure maximum levels of insight as well as unbiased conclusions.  We can provide a reporting only service ensuring you only pay for the support you need.

From time to time clients set up their own group discussions – for example amongst staff or high value customers but still require an unbiased, professional, experienced moderator.

We can offer this service if that is all that is required or add the reporting element alongside.

We can also provide training sessions or workshops to help you and your team understand the fundamentals such  how and when you sue Market research, how to write a questionnaire , how to interpret data etc.  These can be tailored to your individual needs

Some of Our Clients

Market Research Consultancy in Northern Ireland


Focus groups are an effective qualitative research method that can be used in a range of ways, from consumer research to idea development.



FN Research provide depth interviews for our clients. These can be conducted face-to-face, by phone or online, allowing us to continue to provide this service during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Observations or footfall counts are a popular method of qualitative research that allow us to use our expertise to monitor and record information such as consumer behaviour in-store.

“It has been a pleasure to work with FN Research on this project. National Museums received excellent value for money and the result was a really valuable and actionable piece of research.”

National Museums

FN Research completed the tasks within the allocated timescale and returned all documentation required. FN Research were willing and helpful throughout the project, had a good understanding of the brief and offered a professional service throughout the duration of the project.”

Ards & North Down Borough Council

“We are passionate about information and knowledge.”

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