‘I am not sure if I really need market research.’

That is a statement we often hear in conversations with a new clients.

Well, do you need to understand what your customers really want? Research provides insight into what your customer prefers, what and how they buy and what business/ brands meet they expectations and which fall short. As a result of this insight customers are happier and most importantly more loyal.

Market research can also spot new opportunities or gaps in the market. It helps you get ahead of emerging trends. It can identify new customer segments and uncover untapped markets. So, you can make smarter decisions about new markets, new offerings or new products.

Another big plus for research is that it helps you see what your competition are doing in the eyes of the consumers, you can figure out their strengths and weaknesses. By combating these you can stand out from the crowd and gain a competitive advantage.

On the flip side, market research can also help minimise your risks especially important when assessing the development of new products , new marketing campaigns or business expansions. This information can help you avoid costly mistakes.

I know people will say I am biased, but market research really can be a game changer. It provides insights in behaviour, media consumption and attitudes to advertising. In short, you can fine-tune your efforts to reach and engage with your target audience, getting better ROI.