Things are always changing in the market research world and here at FN Research, we have recently noticed an increased demand from clients for depth interviews (conducted either face-to-face or by telephone).  

This methodology is excellent in providing a more qualitative insight at a very individual level or to cover a large geographical dispersion of respondents not catered for by a group discussion methodology.   In most cases it is used alongside other methodologies rather than as a standalone option.

As always, we focus on being very responsive to client needs and therefore I am delighted to announce that our own lovely Rachel Webb has taken over the main responsibility for all executive depths interviews.  She will co-ordinate these type of projects and moderate the majority of the interviews personally. Rachel is a management consultant by background with over 10 years’ experience, and has been working at FN research for the last 14 months.

We feel that having one person dedicated to this role resources this methodology most effectively, ensuring there is always one person available for moderation of depths regardless of time or date specified by the respondent.

If you are interested in commissioning depth interviews, as always please contact myself (Fiona Norman MD) in the first instance to discuss the overall project requirements