This methodology is used extensively in the UK but is now starting to make a presence locally.

 What is it?

It is a type of qualitative research which encompasses both observations and one-to-one interviewing.

What does it achieve?

It helps understand behaviours and rituals of people interacting with your products.

 How does it work?

One of our experienced moderators goes to a pre-recruited respondent’s home to initially have a discussion about the product in question.  They assess their opinions and attitudes regarding the product’s use, the benefits and drawbacks and how they interact with it. This can be conducted on an individual or family level.

Our moderator then also observes them and perhaps other family members actually using the product in a real-life, natural setting. We can then gather further insight into the interaction and usage and question what the respondent is doing and why whilst actively using the product.

This methodology can provide detailed understanding of customer’s usage and attitudes of your products.

Our clients who have already used this methodology have found it extremely insightful in understanding their customers on an individual level and helped informed marketing and communications strategies for their products.