There has been much talk in the media recently about flexible working, its benefits and whether it is practical. We at FN Research are living proof it can work.

We pride ourselves on being innovative and this stretches across all elements of the business not just research methodologies and solutions. So some time ago we decided to move from a traditional 9am to 5.30pm work pattern to a more project focused working model.

In short, we work when the project needs us and you have the results when you need them – even if that means 7.30am on a Monday morning or 3pm on a Sunday.

This benefits both you the client and our team.

Increasingly, deadlines are being reduced and often decisions have to be made before the Monday morning rush, so follow-up actions can start immediately at 9am.

From our team’s perspective, each executive can give their project the individual attention, dedication and most importantly the enthusiasm it requires, with the knowledge that they don’t then have to complete a full working week on top of these hours.

Our clients seem to really appreciate the promptness and focused client service levels they receive from this model.

We believe that we are the only local agency that formally offers this 24/7 commitment.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to contact us, as I am always at the end of the mobile or email to answer queries or inquiries.