New Resources
We have recently added a dedicated team of mature individuals who are non-interviewers to our team. Over the past few months they have been particularly focusing on footfall counts for public realm projects. This team is also an excellent resource for in-store observations and mystery shops. So get in touch if you require their services!

New Services
Increasingly, we have noticed a trend for clients to conduct their own on-line research utilising their own customer email database. This is a very cost effective method of providing valuable regular insight, in addition to their other primary research needs. We are supporting clients in this activity by offering a bespoke questionnaire design and reporting service based on their own on-line results. This adds a professional element to the questionnaire design process and independence in the interpretation of results.

And most importantly we have also added to our executive team. Expanding our expertise and resources at this level allows us to provide even faster delivery of results!