Homelessness is a subject very close to our hearts at FN Research.

helping homeless1

We strongly believe that no-one in the 21st century should be living on the streets and whilst we appreciate we cannot help everyone, FN Research wants to try and make a small difference to lives of some of our locals in Belfast.

In 2018 we will supporting Hope Harbour Belfast Helping Homeless (a group of volunteers who help Belfast homeless in any way they can to give them a better future) by regularly providing homemade food/soup for the Thursday night feeding station and also making them our charity of the year and providing financial support.

helping homeless2An extract from their Facebook page on 21st March 2018 highlights the extent of this problem

 ‘A few new faces which is always sad and a couple who sadly couldn’t get a bed for the night, so he chose to sleep on the streets and let her take the crash bed as she is currently pregnant. One of our guys kindly gave him a sleeping bag to sleep in.’