Clients often ask me how they start to go about undertaking a research project, what information do they need to provide.

At FN Research, we make it easy for you, our initial discussion with any client focuses on what are you trying to achieve through the study – is it to understand your customers behaviour better, it is see how to improve your internal processes, is it understand attitudes and opinions to a new product, service or advertising campaign or something else completely.

From that initial conversation we can guide you through the following

1. The correct methodology – is quantitative or qualitative research more suitable i.e. – a survey, in-depth interviews, focus groups, ethnography etc.
2. The questionnaire content for a survey or topic list for in-depth interviews or groups.
3. A realistic timeframe for questionnaire design, fieldwork and reporting.
4. A realistic budget.
5. Any limitations or challenges with the process.

We provide a free 15-minute initial chat to discuss you needs. So, if you are thinking of undertaking a market research project, please get in touch.