mentors why you need one

Mentors – why do I need one?

In the early days of setting up FN Research I tried and truly believed I had to do everything myself. There was a vast amount to learn and no-one to bounce ideas off.  I found my own ways of doing things.

However, in the last few years I have realised there is an easier way.  Find a mentor to guide you through whatever particular issue is of the essence, learn from them, implement best practices and bounce ideas off them.

Don’t try an re-invent the wheel all by yourself. I have been fortunate to have some brilliant mentors from programmes sponsored by Women in Business, Intertrade Ireland, SERC and the local councils.  There is actually so much support out there, if you know where to look.

I have learnt so much my mentors about entrepreneurship and running a successful business.  We have looked at our processes and logistics, such as customer relationship management systems, leadership skills, social media content and scheduling to name a few.

As a result FN Research is now a very strong, solid company, leading market research sector locally. We have great internal processes bespoke for our particular purpose, which of course and most importantly creates a great customer experience for all our clients.

If you want hear about our experiences, feel free to get in touch.