Over the last 2 years we been heavily involved in the Public Realms projects in many of our local towns. As a result we have developed a core team who focus on these type of projects.

We have created a large team of counters who can provide footfall counts for as many points as are required. This team is supported by dedicated and experienced interviewers who conduct the shopper surveys. Our field manager co-ordinates the project on the ground and checks everyone is in the correct spot at the correct time. She also conducts the business surveys.

All data is edited and tally sheets double checked before returning hard copy to the clients. Results are available within 2 days of end of fieldwork.

In addition, we have also recently added the delivery of public realms leaflets and collection of contact details of all premises in the defined area to our service offering.

So we can provide the complete service for these projects covering any and all needs you may have. If you are at the stage of considering a pre or post evaluation for the Public Realms anywhere in Northern Ireland why not get in touch and we can tell you more of our previous experience and our team.