One-to-One Depth Interviews

Quickly establish a rapport with participants to make them feel more comfortable, which can generate more insightful responses – especially regarding sensitive topics.

Depth interviews (IDI) are a data collection technique in which respondents are engaged in a one-on-one setting to elicit thoughtful responses.

They can take place face to face, online or by telephone and can be used for a variety of purposes, including idea creation, needs assessment, issue identification, and PR and strategic planning. They can also be used in business sectors  for cover commercially sensitive subjects and allow for time pressures of respondent who may not be available to attend a pre-arranged focus group.

The value of depth interviews for your business

Quality Information

Interviewers have greater opportunity to ask follow-up questions, probe for additional information, and circle back to key questions later in the interview to generate a rich understanding of attitudes, perceptions, motivations and more.

Focused Insights

Researchers need fewer participants to glean useful and relevant insights. There are none of the potential distractions or peer-pressure dynamics that can sometimes emerge in focus groups.

Valuable Findings

Because in-depth interviews can potentially be so insightful, it is possible to identify highly valuable findings quickly.

FN Research Depth Interview Process

We have 3 fully trained and experienced moderators to conduct our depth interviews.

We design a bespoke recruitment questionnaire for the project and utilise our recruiters to identify potential respondents. We can recruit the respondents via telephone or directly in home using a face-to-face recruitment questionnaire and we have access to a highly trained and experienced team of recruiters  through our partner fieldwork face-to-face agency.

Presentational style reports are normally available within 5 or 6 days of the last depth, although shorter top-line summaries can be available within 24 hours of end of fieldwork.  We have completed numerous projects utilising depth interviews for clients such as Consumer Council

FN Research expertly delivers  depth interviews for a range of clients across many sectors in Northern Ireland.

Some of our Qualitative Research Clients

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