Gain a clear understanding of your customer’s usage and attitudes of your products and services using ethnography. 



Ethnography research is used extensively in the UK and is now starting to make a presence locally in Northern Ireland. 

As experienced practitioners in ethnography research, FN Research is perfectly positioned to partner with you and deliver this service. 

It is a type of qualitative research which encompasses both observations and one-to-one interviewing. It helps understand behaviours and rituals of people interacting with your products.

The value of ethnography for your business

Clear insights

We can gather further insight into interaction and usage and question what the respondent is doing and why whilst actively using the product.

FN Research Ethnography Process

One of our moderators has an initial a discussion about the product, their opinions, and attitudes regarding its usage and how they interact with it.

The moderator monitors them and perhaps other family members actually using the product in a real-life, natural setting. 

FN Research expertly delivers high-quality ethnography for a range of clients across many sectors in Northern Ireland.

Some of our Qualitative Research Clients

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