Focus Groups


Gain a clear understanding of your customer segments and have the assurance that you are making effective decisions for your business.

Focus groups are an effective method of providing a deep understanding of your customers that allows you to place them at the centre of your business strategy.

Focus groups allow your customers and respondents to tell us how they really feel about the products, services and experiences your business provide, in a relaxed environment where they feel comfortable to go into detail on their true feelings. This allows FN Research to provide our clients with clarity, key pieces of information and clarity to help them develop strategies and improve their business.

The value of focus groups for your business

Understand your customers better

Focus groups provide a great deal of qualitative information that allow you to understand your customer’s needs much better. You can address their pain points or produce products that create a tangible gain in their life.

Improved Product Development

Engaging FN Research to run focus groups for your business, you can test new business ideas before you invest significant time and money into developing new products and services without clearly understanding your customers’ wants and needs.

Devise better marketing strategies

Using the information, knowledge and clarity provided by an FN Research focus group, you can create customer-centric marketing strategies and clear communications for your customer segments. 

FN Research Focus Group Process

We have 2 fully trained and experienced (over 20 years each) moderators to conduct our group discussions. 

We design a bespoke recruitment questionnaire for the project and utilise our recruiters to identify potential respondents. We can recruit the respondents via telephone (for example customers based groups) or directly in home using a face-to-face recruitment questionnaire and we have access to a  highly trained and experienced team of recruiters  through our partner fieldwork face-to-face agency.

Several respondents from each group are back checked to ensure highest standards of quality.

Presentational style reports are normally available within 3 or 4 days of the last group, although shorter top-line summaries can be available within 24 hours of end of fieldwork. We have conducted numerous projects for clients such as Consumer Council 

FN Research expertly delivers high-quality focus groups for a range of clients across many sectors in Northern Ireland.

Some of our Qualitative Research Clients

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