Friendship Pairs


Friendship pairs are an interview conducted with two people, our methodology allows FN Research to probe in depth around each person’s experience as well as using any similarities and differences in experience to explore the subject more deeply.

The respondents are sometimes but not always in a relationship; family and friends that are involved in the same purchase decision. 

Respondents are often interviewed in a paired depth where the subject matter is sensitive, or the respondents are likely to be more open and articulate in the presence of a friend (often recommended for interviewing children and teens).

The value of friendship pairs for your business

Understand your customers better

This methodology is often used for research with children and young people (where they know each other) in order to avoid respondents being intimidated and biasing their responses accordingly.

The purpose of in-depth interviews is to understand the underlying motivations, beliefs, attitudes, and feelings of respondents on a particular subject.

FN Research Friendship Pairs Process

We have 3 fully trained and experienced moderators to conduct our paired depth interviews. 

We design a bespoke recruitment questionnaire for the project and utilise our recruiters to identify potential respondents. We can recruit the respondents via telephone or directly in home using a face-to-face recruitment questionnaire and we have access to a highly trained and experienced team of recruiters  through our partner fieldwork face-to-face agency.

Presentational style reports are normally available within 5 or 6 days of the last depth, although shorter top-line summaries can be available within 24 hours of end of fieldwork.

FN Research expertly delivers high-quality friendship pairs for a range of clients across many sectors in Northern Ireland.

Some of our Qualitative Research Clients

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