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Quality Standards

Fiona is a certified member of the Market Research Society and FN Research Ltd abides by its principles and regulations at all times. All elements of the process including fieldwork are conducted to the highest industry standards. We provide professional research services.

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FN Research – Quality Standards & GDPR Privacy Statement


Protecting respondents’ privacy is very important to us.  As part of our role as a leading market research agency we collect attitudes and opinions of members of the public on behalf of our clients to help in their commercial and strategic decisions. Our privacy notice applies to all information we collect via surveys, focus groups, depth interviews and client requests via our website and email functions.


What Information Do We Collect?

We collect attitudes and opinions of members of the public including names, address and socio –economic and demographic information.

We collect this information through telephone and face-to face surveys, taste testing sessions, depth interviews and focus groups


How Do We Use Personal Information?

Unless otherwise stated, all data collected is amalgamated, analysed and presented anonymously in a dataset or report. No individual or their details can be identified from this dataset or report.  The findings will only be available to the commissioning client and will not be available for general release without prior permission of respondents. The data will help clients in their commercial and strategic business decisions e.g. fine-tuning advertising campaigns, designing packaging, introducing new services etc


How Do We Store And Process Personal Data?

Data will held on our internal systems and only for as long as the project is live (normally approximately 6 months). It will then confidentially destroyed and/or electronically deleted from our systems, this includes personal details, questionnaires, opinions and/or voice recordings. Details gathered from an individual project cannot be used for any other purposes.


What Legal Basis Do We Have For Processing Your Personal Data?

The legal ground on which we collect and hold data is for public task.

We ask for your consent at the beginning of every survey, every individual has a right to withdraw and manage their consent.


When Do We Share Personal Data?

Data will be shared with the commissioning client of the project at an anonymised and amalgamated level.  We will not share your individual data with the client or any third parties other than our contracted data processing or other specialist agencies required to produce the data outcomes.


How Do We Secure Personal Data?

All data is protected against accidental loss through daily remote backup systems. This also ensures business continuity and disaster recovery.

We implement state of the art firewall and security procedures to restrict unauthorised access, use, destruction or disclosure of data.

Only staff performing necessary functions with regard to the data (e.g. processors) have access to personal data.

All our staff are trained on data security and regular monitored

We manage our third party risks through utilising sub- contractor contractors and performing periodic security reviews.


Your Rights In Relation To Personal Data

FN Research abides by the individual’s rights as set out under GDPR legalisation. These rights are as follows

  1. Access to personal information
  2. Correction and deletion
  3. Withdrawal of consent
  4. Data portability
  5. Restriction of processing and objection
  6. Lodging a complaint with the information Commissioner’s Office


If you need to exercise any of these rights please contact FN Research directly on 07985208616 or via email on fiona@fnresearch.co.uk.  We will respond within the GDPR specified time frame.

Circumstances where data rights may be limited include if fulfilling the data subject request may expose personal data about another person or if we are asked to delete data which we are required to keep by law.


Use of Automated Decision Making and Profiling

Any profiling or automated decision making procedures would not include individual details and be presented at an amalgamated and anonymised level.

How to Contact Us?

Fiona Norman (Managing Director) is the data controller for FN Research Ltd. She can be contacted by email at fiona@fnresearch.co.uk.