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We provide quantitative market research services for our clients across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Our team is highly experienced in a range of quantitative research techniques and work across commercial, B2B and government sectors.

Quantitative research is a technique that allows us to ask target audiences a range of questions in an organised format including surveys, polls or questionnaires. We offer this service in person or online using our specifically designed market research software. Working with our clients, we identify which respondents we need to engage with and then gather a large enough sample to ensure the data and results we generate are reliable for our clients.

Quantitative Research Services in Northern Ireland


Gain a clear understanding of your customers think about your products and services to allow you to make better business decisions.



FN Research offer exit interviews where we interview shoppers using a structured questionnaire as they leave shops, cafes and other retail settings.


We invite participants to a central location usually to test a given product or concept. We choose neutral settings to minimise the risk of biasing outputs.


FN Research offer customer satisfaction surveys to measure how satisfied customers are with their experience of a particular interaction with a brand.



Advertising awareness surveys measure the impact of your advertising campaigns focusing on awareness, perceptions, consideration and action.




A member of our team shadow a consumer on a shopping journey around a shop to provide a deep insight into shopping behaviour.







We help our clients spot opportunities for improvement by giving feedback on how the company is perceived from a customer’s perspective.



Product tests are perfect for companies launching new products, changes or varieties to evaluate and provide feedback on items before they hit the shelves.




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Power NI


FN Research have proved to be cost-effective and deliver their work in a timely fashion. Fiona has the local knowledge and experience to be able to interpret results. One of the main reasons we utilise Fiona’s expertise is her ability to wade through mounds of research findings and pull out gems of recommendations.

Fiona is very personable and available to work with us, often within very tight timescales

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