Footfall Counts


FN Research offer footfall counts throughout Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland providing our clients with accurate measurement of the number of visits to their store.

Without pedestrian footfall counts, councils and city centre managers are in the dark as to precisely how a city centre is being used. Measuring footfall lets them accurately assess the impact of development initiatives on people’s movements and provides key data to inform future decisions aimed at improving the centre.

The pedestrian counts also help determine the potential for new retail stores, providing evidence for prospective businesses moving into the area. Similarly, the footfall data helps determine the level of rents which can be charged.

Comparison of changes in footfall levels and pedestrian movements over time shows whether a city centre is improving or losing trade. The rich data identifies any areas that might be declining and shows where investment may need to be targeted: an early-warning to stop the situation getting worse.

FN Research expertly delivers high-quality footfall counts for a range of clients across many sectors in Northern Ireland.

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