Product Tests


Product tests are perfect for companies launching new products, changes or varieties to evaluate and provide feedback on items before they hit the shelves.



Product testing can help you find a concept that meets your goals and resonates with your audience. With a product concept test, you can gauge customer sentiment and find the proven winners in a pool of different product ideas.

Achieving clear-cut product superiority in a category is the surest way to build brand share, engender customer loyalty and boost profitability. Better products tend to command higher prices and be more responsive to advertising investments.

The value of product test for your business

Understand respondent behaviour

Product tests gives your target audience a range of options and asks them to provide feedback on each one. With product testing, you can compare metrics like purchase intent, quality and value to find out which product concepts customers like best.

 In general, these are some key metrics you might want to include in your survey:

  • Appeal: Is your product enticing to potential customers?
  • Believability: Is your product’s messaging believable?
  • Innovativeness: Is your product innovative?
  • Purchase intent: Do people want to buy your product?
  • Quality: Does your product seem high quality?
  • Relevance: Does your product fulfil your audience’s needs and wants?
  • Uniqueness: Is your product different from other products?
  • Value: Is your product a good value?

FN Research Product Tests Process

Product testing can be conducted in a central location or in home. We use our panel of experienced recruiters to ensure all testers are eligible on the criteria. Respondents will then be asked to test the products and services and complete a survey on their opinions and attitudes

FN Research expertly delivers high-quality product tests for a range of clients across many sectors in Northern Ireland.

Some of our Quantitative Research Clients

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