Quantitative Surveys


Quantitative Surveys are about gaining a clear understanding of how your customers think about your products and services, to allow you to make better business decisions.


Quantitative surveys collect information about the behaviours, needs, and opinions using surveys. Surveys can be used to find out attitudes and reactions, to measure client satisfaction, to gauge opinions about various issues, and to add credibility to your research.

There are three main survey research methods, divided based on the medium of conducting survey research; face-to-face, phone and online. FN Research possesses the capabilities to successfully deliver all types of quantitative research.

The value of quantitative surveys for your business

Understand respondent behaviour

Respondents will provide insights about what they like about your organisation as well as suggestions for improvement allowing you to answer the queries and assumptions you hold.

Medium for discussion

A survey can be the perfect platform for respondents to provide criticism or applause for an organisation. Important topics like product quality or quality of customer service can be put on the table for discussion.

Constant improvement

FN Research works with clients on ongoing surveys. So once our client has received feedback from their customers, they can address any issues raised. We then issue supplementary surveys to measure change in feedback allowing our clients to constantly improve.

FN Research Quantitative Surveys Process

Face-to-face Surveys

For face-to-face surveys, we work in partnership with a locally based face-to-face fieldwork agency to provide this resource.  All surveys are conducted to the highest standards.

Interviewers receive an initial training and are monitored and accompanied regularly to ensure high standards of quality. We work in all areas of Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. The overall fieldwork project is progressed by a senior field manager and we have delivered many highly successful projects for numerous organisations including Public Realm projects for Ards & North Down Borough Council.

 Telephone Surveys

For telephone surveys We work  with 2 locally based dedicated tele-lab to provide all our telephone resources and therefore can handle all projects within a reasonably short fieldwork time.

All interviewing is quality controlled at the highest levels. A supervisor is on-site at all times and calls are remotely monitored on a random basis.  Each interviewer’s response rates are monitored by shift.

The overall fieldwork project is progressed by a senior field manager This provides a seamless service to the client

Online Surveys

Online surveys are administered in association with 2 international online providers.  All panel recruitment adheres to the highest quality procedures.  We can access these panels for a variety of countries, or we can host a survey using your email contacts.

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FN Research expertly delivers high-quality quantitative surveys for a range of clients across many sectors in Northern.

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