A new report published recently by Deloitte, ‘Mobile Consumer Report 2015‘ has found that 76% of the UK adult population own smartphones and collectively check their smartphones a staggering 1.1 BILLION times per day! Furthermore over 32 million smartphones will be shipped to the UK in 2015 showing the rise and the power of the smartphone is set continue and increase.

Marketing and advertising agencies planning campaigns within the UK market are conceptualising their campaigns for a mobile audience and taking advantage of everything the mobile platform offers.

But the report also indicates that the UK is becoming a distracted society with people checking their phones increasingly and seemingly the FOMO (fear of missing out) is taking over – how will we get anything done in years to come?!

So we are increasingly becoming a mobile and tech savvy society. If you need to understand your customers better or understand the needs of the mobile consumer within Northern Ireland and the UK, get in touch with FN Research today to start your market research project.