(A version of this article first appeared in Business First magazine on 15th August 2023)

In today’s competitive business landscape, establishing a strong connection with customers is vital for success. Understanding the entire customer journey and experience has become increasingly essential for our clients and their brands. By identifying the challenges, pain points, key decision-making moments, and influencers along the purchase journey, companies can convert potential customers into loyal advocates. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of research in gaining valuable insights into customer behaviour and how it can help businesses make better, more informed decisions.

Identifying challenges and pain points

Every customer journey is unique, and we all know from our own personal experiences that we can often encounter challenges or pain points along the way. These obstacles can hinder the conversion process and prevent customers from purchasing our products or services. By conducting thorough research, we help our clients identify these hurdles and address them effectively.

FN Research, in home researchTraditional customer satisfaction surveys have long been used to gather feedback, allowing companies to understand the specific pain points experienced by their customers. However, to gain deeper insights, we at FN Research now also employ more innovative approaches. For instance, user experience testing enables researchers to observe customers’ interactions with products or services in their daily lives. By placing products in respondents’ homes and analysing how they interact with them, our clients can gain invaluable insights into user behaviour and pain points.

Key decision-making moments

The customer journey consists of various decision-making moments that significantly impact the purchasing process. Understanding when these moments occur is crucial for businesses seeking to optimize their strategies and maximize conversion rates.

Through comprehensive research such as our ethnography methodology, our clients can pinpoint the key decision-making moments in their customers’ journey. This knowledge empowers them to tailor their marketing efforts and communication channels accordingly. By delivering the right information, incentives, and support during these critical moments, businesses can guide customers towards making a positive purchasing decision.

We have designed a customer journey experience timeline for many of our clients which highlights these key decision points, the key customer touchpoints and the associated emotional level of the consumers at these stages. Our research can provide insight and options of how to alleviate that stress. The combination of all this information  provides a clear strategy to move forward and helps create a loyal and repeat customer.

Influencers and other factors

While customers play the central role in their purchase journey, they are often influenced by external factors and opinions. These influences can sway their decision-making process and impact their choices. Understanding these influencers is vital for our clients to create effective marketing campaigns and strategies.

Our research enables businesses to uncover the factors and individuals that influence customer choices. By analysing data, undertaking one to one interviews and conducting surveys, we can identify key influencers, such as family, friends, online reviews, or industry experts. Armed with this knowledge, our clients can devise targeted marketing campaigns that leverage these influencers and increase the likelihood of customer conversion.

The power of research in customer insights

FN Research, customer insightsResearch is a powerful tool that provides valuable insights into customer behaviour and preferences. When we delve into how customers interact with websites, products, and services, our clients can gain a comprehensive understanding of their target audience. These insights not only help identify pain points and decision-making moments but also enable them to make informed decisions for their organisation.

Whether through traditional customer satisfaction surveys or innovative user experience testing, our research allows businesses to gather accurate data, draw meaningful conclusions, and take appropriate action. Armed with this knowledge, our clients can improve their products, optimise their marketing strategies, and enhance the overall customer experience.